Fully automated tool for optimal capital management

Robo is an online service accessible via the Web and via mobile. It can help the user in the management of his finances.

The final user is anyone who wants to invest a capital and, in any case, defend it over time. It makes no distinction for age, sex, profession and training. It does not require large lots to invest.

NRA contains a lot of custom algorithms made by nostopit laboratory

Teh most importants are:
- Price forecast
- Asset selection
- User profiling
- Analysis of financial flows

Nostopit Robo Advisor is based on Mathematics, Statistics and Artificial Intelligence. It works on Big Data too.

All these algorithms are born from our needs and experiences. It has grew over the years thanks to its practical use.

Nostopit Robo Advisor is a scalable product. It is based on Web-API and it works using a dedicated Data Proxy

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