Market Sentiment Index created by NOSTOPIT RESEARCH


NLI (Nostopit Lab Index) is an example of a product born from NOSTOPIT laboratory. It comes from our intuition and it was realized taking advantage of nostopitSTUDIO.

It is used as a fundamental analysis tool in that it interprets the sentiment of the US technology market. It is mainly based on the NASDAQ 100 Volatility Index processed by the CBOE. It is calculated daily and is expressed as % and lower values are better.

Last Value


Historical Chart

NLI and other laboratory results are shared with the intent to provide professionals some alternative of analytical instruments trading. This happens with the purpose of creating a synergy between those who can take advantage by using them for their activities and the continued improvement of our models based on feedback received.

Algorithm calculation:

  • Selection of the benchmark index after a thorough market observation
  • Using the Taylor formula
  • Revision of the function domain in relation to the time period
  • Assessment of the current value
  • Series analysis with historical research of time frame and time perid optimal
  • Values Standardization
  • Transformation in percentage terms Non-linear transformation of the values by the transfer function
  • Parameters of the processed feature from research time series by artificial intelligence algorithms

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