AFS - Asset Forecasting System

Financial market price forecasting technology

NOSTOPIT Asset Forecasting System AFS

Asset forecasting System (AFS) is a price forecasting technology of a financial asset based on a pattern recognition algorithm made by Nostopit.

AFS works following different steps. It starts from analyzing data to classify them within its own schema and it proces them. In then next computational phase the algorithm understands whether the closing price of the current session will be greater than or less than the previous one. Currently AFS works on daily closures and 'and of day'. The method of forecast follows the time frame of data, whereby a daily chart follows daily forecast.

AFS stems from personal needs to operate in stock trading and ETFs. So it becomes a tool to predict going to operate on multiple assets. AFS is the result of five years of research and development in the Fintech sector.

AFS is applied on the following assets:

  • Stocks
  • Etf
  • Etc
  • Indexes
  • Currencies

The current AFS version uses the following techniques and methodologies:

  • Data Normalizing
  • Pattern recognition
  • Artificial Intelligence algorithms
  • Data mining
  • Statistical analysis
  • Mathematical analysis
  • Probability calculation

You can use AFS via NostopitMONEY web app
The web platform is linked to no broker and, therefore, it is not possible to operate directly on financial markets.

AFS is aimed at all those who want to try out predictive technologies and accompany them to traditional instruments. It is therefore aimed at both those who provide informations and those who use them for professional purposes, so: traders, financial analysts, brokers, financial analysts, SIM, SICAV, SGR and Hedge Funds.

AFS innovation is in its mathematical nature. AFS makes no use of technical analysis and fundamental analysis and it doesn't hear market rumors and news.
The algorithm is purely mathematical. It works on the analysis of the historical series and uses the genetic algorithms for the selection of the optimal solution. It also uses statistical analysis for reliability testing.

The accuracy of AFS ranges from a minimum of 52% to a maximum of 87%.

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